zondag 11 januari 2015

Changes and new boots (ZARA dupe)


Missed out on the popular ZARA bootie? Then check out these dupes I bought on asos! (link)

Over to what's about to change. On the end of this month I'm finishing my degree in human resources and I will be a fulltime working girl as soon as I find a job obv. So I decided, not to quit, but change the whole thing up (hence why I deleted almost all my previous posts). As we all grow older our interests change and I'm really done with the whole blogging thing. That's why there will be no more long blogposts filled with photos and text. Just one simple photo and an explanation whenever I find the time. Yes, a little bit instagramlike, but there will still be wishlists, hauls, tips, inspiration boards and such, so not everything will go on my instagram!

For those of you who decide to stay I say: "to new beginnings!"


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