woensdag 19 maart 2014

Nails | Essie 'Romper Room' (LE)

This afternoon I'm off to the boy until friday :D We are going to enjoy the lovely weather, going out to dinner, strolling around town... Ah I love Spring!

Yesterday I bought two new pairs of pumps (my fellow Belgian readers: the ones from Flair :D), but the left pump is too thight around my toes. A size up was way too big. Does anyone have some tips or tricks to loosen up the fabric? The fabric is called hi-tec or something like that... It's really sturdy material.

woensdag 12 maart 2014

Wishlist | March

001. Blouse - New Look
002. Dress - H&M
003. Necklace - Forever21
004. Playsuit - River Island
005. Flats - Zara
006. Top - Forever21

vrijdag 7 maart 2014

Nails | Five shades of pink

Fiji - Romper Room - Vagabondage (LE)  - Karl says très chic - Lingering Lingerie
Now Spring is slowly coming to town, I tend to give my nails a lighter colour than usual. Pink colours are definately my favourite. Although I'm not very versatile when it comes to nail polishes. I stick to my reds, pinks and blues :D. Romper Room and Karl says très chic are two new additions. I will soon make some swatches!

Q | What's your favourite Spring colour?