maandag 15 december 2014

Outfit | All black again

Jumper - Vero Moda (Zalando)
Shiny jeans - River Island
Loafers - Pier one (Zalando)
I'm wearing the new items from my previous post here (already a month ago, oops)! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm so busy with my fulltime internship... One more week and then I have two weeks off, yay!

I'm also trying to catch up with all the vlogmas videos on youtube, the only time I regret following so many people hah :D I'm behind one week, so that will involve a lot of laptop time

I'm posting a little more regulary on instagram, so feel free to take a look there! (click)

Can you see that I jumped on the ombre hair bandwagon? Now the hype has settled down, I decided to go for it and so far I'm really liking it! Thumbs up for that.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind het altijd heel knap hoe jij elke outfit er zo vrouwelijk uit laat zien :)

  2. Wat een mooie outfit! De trui is echt mooi en past ook mooi bij de schoentjes. ;)

  3. Ik vind je haar prachtig en all black is altijd goed. Je hebt ook zo'n leuke kamer!

  4. such a cute outfit!

    from helen at


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