dinsdag 17 februari 2015

Yes, some more new things

This weekend I went to my dad again, because it has been absolutely ages. There where still waiting some Christmas presents for me and that says enough I think :D

I've got the MAC lipstick in 'on hold' and the blush in 'dainty'. They're so pretty, can't wait to use them!

Later we went shopping in Bruges and there I bought some plain black flats (need new ones every year...) at Zara for €19,95. I also had a gift card from H&M, so I got a leopard print scarf (€7,99) and a floral loose top (€9,95) for Spring!

It was a lovely weekend filled with family time. Too bad I can't see him more often...

Sara x

maandag 2 februari 2015

New favourite colours

not just a pretty face - romper room (LE) - fiji
Second bachelor degree: check! And with distinction, what I did not expect... But that is great ofcourse!

And first day on the job survived: check! It was a day filled with information, but it sounds like a really exciting job and my colleagues are so nice!

Sara x