zondag 16 november 2014

Ordered | On its way!

Burberry Body perfume (60ml - €31,85) -
Pier One loafers (€44,95) - Zalando
Vero Moda black jumper (€19,95) - Zalando
Oh my god, my mom and I discovered a fabulous new perfume. So good, we immediately searched the internet for the cheapest deal. At we found it for almost half the price you pay in a normal perfume shop. So definately check it out if you're after a new perfume!

I never thought I would say it, but I got myself some loafers. The shoe I find so ugly will soon be on my feet. If they look alright that is. But shoes like these look incredible with a dress or a wetlook skinny jeans... So I jumped on the bandwagon!

Still haven't got a simple black jumper in my closet, but that will change very soon! I hope the fabric isn't itchy :D


vrijdag 14 november 2014

Outfit | Monochrome flowers

Photo from my instagram (link)
 An outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago, when it was still warm... Although I'm really looking forward to wear jumpers again! 
I'm in love with this blouse from New Look (link!). It looks so chic with these black trousers and red lipstick.