zondag 16 november 2014

Ordered | On its way!

Burberry Body perfume (60ml - €31,85) -
Pier One loafers (€44,95) - Zalando
Vero Moda black jumper (€19,95) - Zalando
Oh my god, my mom and I discovered a fabulous new perfume. So good, we immediately searched the internet for the cheapest deal. At we found it for almost half the price you pay in a normal perfume shop. So definately check it out if you're after a new perfume!

I never thought I would say it, but I got myself some loafers. The shoe I find so ugly will soon be on my feet. If they look alright that is. But shoes like these look incredible with a dress or a wetlook skinny jeans... So I jumped on the bandwagon!

Still haven't got a simple black jumper in my closet, but that will change very soon! I hope the fabric isn't itchy :D


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