zondag 5 juni 2016

week 0 - the saved items list

Two posts on one day! I thought I might as well give you a look at my first week.

So achieving my goal officially begun yesterday. I paid for my last pieces of clothing: a black vest top with lace trimming. Just a basic. And a pair of black old school authentic vans. Also basic. And a knitted navy cardigan which is too hot to wear now. It's pretty though.

And so far June is looking pretty good. Just working all month, only one day off and we will not go shopping.
I have some big bills to come as well unfortunately, but the money is there, so nothing to worry. Everything I have left in a couple of weeks will go to my savings account.

I noticed that I usually shop when I'm bored. Although I don't find it really hard to stay away from the actual shops, but the Internet is the worst. It's all just one click away!

But I noticed recently that the 'saved items list' is something that works really well for me! When I'm browsing on Asos or Zalando and I find something I like I save it. The good thing about these websites is that you can see if there's a lot of stock left or not. I will just leave everything there and go back to look at it every once in a while. I clicked 'remove' quite a lot after a while, because I just wasn't really into it anymore...

Sara x

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