zondag 5 juni 2016

Back with a goal

Okay, so I’m back.
For good? I don’t know. All I know is that it will be different this time. Let me give you a summary of what’s going on in my life at the moment and what my purpose of this blog will be. 

When you’re 6 years in a relationship it was about time to leave the nest and go our own way. So last January I moved out. The boy and I found an amazing apartment in the city we both love. Let me tell you, the apartment is pure perfection. It’s brand new, close to town , close to both our jobs and not far away from my mother (‘cause yeah, I’m a proper mommy’s child).
Downside? It’s not a house and we’re renting it. So we set ourselves a goal to buy a house we love in three years time.  

But buying a place isn’t really THE goal of reopening this blog. No. You see, I’m turning 25 in 2017 and there is one thing in the whole wide world that I want more than any other piece of clothing and I would like to have it on or before the age of 25.

A black Chanel 2.55 with golden hardware.  

There, I said it. And it is materialistic, I’m well aware of that. But aside from that, I see it as a true investment, as their prices keep increasing + it’s a classic that will never go out of style.
For years I am lustering over this bag and yesterday I made the decision. 2017 will be the year I will buy one. 

You’re still reading? Okay. So this is my plan. In the past couple of weeks I gave my closet a good cleanse. Everything that was “okay” or not worn in over a year: out! I’m selling it on the internet as we speak. Here’s the link if you’re interested!

For the next months I will give myself an allowance of 150 euros per month to pay for petrol for my car, things I need and sometimes a little treat. Everything else will go to my savings account (apart from the neccessary costs like rent ofcourse). This way I’m not only saving for the bag of my dreams, but also for a future with the boy. We spoke about it yesterday and he said I must go for it as long as I’m also saving up for a house. And that’s more than fair!

It’s going to be really hard not to shop as much as I’m used to the last year. But mentally this will be good. Living minimalistic and achieving my goal will feel a lot better than accumulating stuff I might not use as much.

So every week I will post an update on how everything is going. Did it go well? Did I fail? It will be nice to see myself struggle every week and hopefully feel really proud when I look back in a couple of months.

You only live once, right?

Sara x

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