vrijdag 4 juli 2014

Citytrip Cologne!

First ever Dunkin' Donuts: not a fan... - The Dom - The Rhein - Selfie of course.
On the first and second of July the boy and I drove to Cologne in Germany for two days of shopping and culture. It was only a two hour drive as I live very close to the Dutch border. So when we were settled in our hotel room we went to the town center to explore some shops.
I didn't do much shopping myself as I'm not really into summer clothing and I'm saving up for something mayor I will possibly tell you more about later if everything goes as planned. The boy however did buy some nice things. Let's say he expanded his shoe collection even more...
The second day was reserved for culture. And for that this city is also a good place to go! It's filled with amazing historic buildings and WWII memories.
  • Things we've seen and that I can recommend: the Dom, the Rhein, El De Haus (former Gestapo headquarter I thought), 4711 Haus (of the famous Eau de Cologne), the Roman German museum, Belgische Viertel (Belgian Quarter)...
  • A couple of the shopping streets we've walked through: Schildersgasse, Breite Strasse, Hohe Strasse, Ehren Strasse, Brüsseler Strasse, Neumarkt...
  • Hotel we stayed at: Mercure hotel Köln West. It takes a 20 minute ride with the tram to the center, but it's outside the Umwelt zone (and that's what we wanted). Great hotel for a short stay and amazing breakfast!

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  1. Mooie foto's ! Leuke selfie ook ;p <3

  2. Ah tof! Ziet eruit als een leuk tripje :) Ik ben ook absoluut geen fan van Dunkin Donuts. Door mijn klasgenootjes aangeraden in Berlijn maar het zei me echt drie keer niks. Zo'n gigantische suikerbom dat ik er hoofdpijn van kreeg, haha.


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