dinsdag 17 februari 2015

Yes, some more new things

This weekend I went to my dad again, because it has been absolutely ages. There where still waiting some Christmas presents for me and that says enough I think :D

I've got the MAC lipstick in 'on hold' and the blush in 'dainty'. They're so pretty, can't wait to use them!

Later we went shopping in Bruges and there I bought some plain black flats (need new ones every year...) at Zara for €19,95. I also had a gift card from H&M, so I got a leopard print scarf (€7,99) and a floral loose top (€9,95) for Spring!

It was a lovely weekend filled with family time. Too bad I can't see him more often...

Sara x

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat fijn, de MAC make up! En weet je: wat telt, zijn de momenten samen. De kwaliteit. Niet de kwantiteit! Bij mij is het jaren geleden dat mijn vader en ik samen op shoppingtrip gingen.. Meestal leven we naast elkaar..

  2. Mac is altijd erg fijn :) leuke aankopen!


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