maandag 3 februari 2014

Inspiration | White

Our central heating decided to quit this weekend, so I'm trying to write some sort of post with very very cold fingers. The heating guy will come tomorrow and hopefully fix it. Not having any warm rooms or hot water isn't the best way to spend my vacation. So I'm going to grab all my blankets again, some warm oatmeal and watch a film or two. At least it isn't freezing and the sun is out, so there is some kind of warmth in the house.

P.S. Oh, my exam results turned out great by the way.
P.P.S. The boy and I are together for four years today, big yay. Still love him so much!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Glad you did well in your exams, but I'm sorry to hear that your heating has packed up - hope it gets sorted soon. White is so chic isn't it? I feel so sophisticated in a white shirt xo

    Like Sarah

  2. Toffe foto's, hopelijk is je verwarming snel weer gemaakt! (:

  3. super toffe foto's ziet er super uit en je blog is ook echt zo gaaf en overzichtelijk!
    liefs, ik zet je site even bij mijn favoriete lijstje! x

  4. Witte nagellak is eigenlijk wel heel leuk!!


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